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10 tips for a smooth transition

In Daily schedule, Nursing on May 27, 2011 at 4:07 pm

A few things that made our new household of 3 run more smoothly:

  1.  As many naps in his crib in the first few days home the better, it’s very helpful when night time rolls around.
  2. Always refill the diaper bag when you get back home from a trip out. You’ll be ready to go for the next outing.
  3. Tucking a burp cloth under your bra during feeding helps to keep your clothes milk free if your little one doesn’t keep all the milk in his mouth.
  4. Don’t cut baby’s nails fresh out of the tub, they are too soft and it’s hard to tell between skin and nail. A glass nail file works well too.
  5. Take a picture of your little one every day. It is easy in the beginning to think that you won’t forget a second but as time flies by, as it does, you can forget those first few days and weeks.
  6. Drinking lots of water helps in more ways that I can count.
  7. Just relax; baby doesn’t know if you’re doing something “wrong” he loves you no matter what
  8. As soon as you put your little one down for a nap remember to, 1. Use the rest room and 2. Get something to eat. It’s easy to forget and only remember again once they wake up.
  9. Sleep when baby sleeps, an oldie but goodie.
  10. If you’re breast feeding make sure that your husband has his daddy only duties too. In our house, Ted is the one that gets up first and soothes Evan before he gives him to me to be fed. Ted is also the one that gets him ready for a bath while I run the tub. We both have our things we do so that Evan knows his routine and who does what… he loves it and anticipates the next step now.

Baby is asleep now the work begins

In Daily schedule, Food, Nursing on May 23, 2011 at 10:10 pm

Evan goes to bed at 8:30 pm and as any mum know’s that’s when we kick into gear. My husband is a huge help! After bath time I nurse Evan and he goes in his bed. He does love his bed and has always been a great sleeper. While I’m enjoying quite time with my baby, my wonderful husband cleans up after dinner. We have started leaving the dishes until Evan goes to sleep since we have so little time when we get home from work. He’s so great that by the time I’ve fed Evan and got him to sleep he is usually done with cleaning the kitchen. I know, he’s a keeper.

So then starts the rest of the cleaning up, toys away, laundry away, bottles and pump sterilizing for the morning, lunch prep, coffee prep, shower and bed. And that’s the basics, we all know there’s always more to do. Like right now, I could really do with running the vacuum around but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

It’s amazing how much sleep I don’t get any more! I am so tired all the time that I’m surprised that I function as well as I do. I have to say that seeing Evan’s smiling face when I get home really helps. He is so happy to see me it gives me all the energy I need to get down on the floor and play for 2 hours.

I have a lot of help at my house but I’m still surprised at how efficient I can be. A trait that every mum should have of course but I think we underestimate ourselves sometimes.

So with the laundry waiting to be put away and food in the Beaba, love this thing, waiting to be mixed and frozen I’m logging off for the night and will get back on it tomorrow.

From Nursing to Solids

In Food, Nursing on May 23, 2011 at 9:30 pm

When Evan started eating “real” food at 6 months we started off with the basics. Rice Cereal, Earths Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal, was the first thing we tried. We gave it to him on a Saturday morning for breakfast. Then Sunday morning and then waited 3 days to make sure he didn’t get stopped up or anything. Once we knew everything was OK in that department we switched to every day. But as a working mum I wanted to be involved, this was a huge step since he’s been soley breastfed since birth (more on that later). Since I work he of course gets a bottle but still my milk because I pump at work (more on that later too). So we started with Dinner. The three of us ate together every night and we still do, it’sgreat. But then I had to let go and add in a second meal. It went better than expected. He loves his food and now has breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I’m only around for dinner but we make it fun, he helps in the kitchen by hanging out with me and snacking on his Happy Baby Organic Puffs.

He’s now on a great schedule that consists of milk at 6:30 am, breakfast of Oatmeal, Earths Best Organic Oatmeal mixed with the fruit that I’ve made for the week (around 8 am), milk around 10:30. Lunch is something savory mixed with Oatmeal (noon-ish), followed by another bottle of milk around 3 pm before I get home for dinner (another savory dish with oatmeal). The last treat of the day is milk from mummy before bed at 8:30 pm. It’s a full day of yummy treats. We have snacks in there too of course, Yo Baby Yogurts are a fav right now, Banana is his favorite. Although he hasn’t turned anything down yet.