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A Gold New Years Eve

In Cooking, Food on January 10, 2012 at 12:09 pm

Christmas Recap

So as we say goodbye to December and hello to a new year it makes me think about the all important resolutions we all make and can’t keep. 

So here goes, I resolve this year to require less sleep and do more things that I love with my extra time. 

I’ve been creating more and more crafts at home and for parties lately and I’m going to start sharing some of my hard work on here.  On New Years Eve we had some friends over, only 4 adults and 2 babies total but it was still a party. Even though they all thought I was crazy for trying to theme a party for just a few people I was on a mission to make it just as special as if there were a hundred people attending. So I planned on a gold theme, pretty color, something I have not done before so it was perfect. I found some inspiration on for the table setting, thought of some great gold colored recipes to make and I was off. I joke with a girlfriend of mine that I like “renting from her store” meaning her collection of amazing party props, but it’s true, she was the first call for “gold”. She had the perfect pieces to create my centerpiece, a gold square tray, gold napkins and miniature gold Christmas trees of course, no table is complete without them.  The table was perfect. I started with a crisp white cotton table cloth, which I painstakingly ironed, which had the perfect gold stitching. Then came the square gold tray at one end of the table with a white cake stand in the middle. This gave me the perfect variation of height I was going for. After arranging gold glitter covered snowflakes, Champaign glasses and the gold napkins on the tray the centerpiece was complete. I found gold tissue paper at Target and was able to make 3 poms to float on fishing wire above the center piece. With gold and white platters and the “gold” menu, my party was ready.

The gold menu featured mini tender lamb meatballs, luscious bacon wrapped scallops, baked brie, boy was that a beautiful gold color when it came out of the oven, smores with gold sugar atop the marshmallows and some delicious dips that we grazed over all night.  We all had a drink of choice but the delicate Champaign Jello squares and Apple Vodka Champaign martinis were perfect for the theme.

Check out the pictures below of our Gold 2011 New Years Eve. Special thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration and the jello shot recipe, Lauren for the “rentals” and my guest and friend Christy who made the baked brie… boy was that delicious.


Picky Eaters

In Cooking, Food on January 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Evan is a great everything, sleeper, eater, traveler, you name it! But lately as we close in on 18 months he has been voicing his opinion about what he will or will not eat for dinner. I try to offer him choices, both choices are Mummy approved anyway so either way I do get to win the battle. For example, choice like, “do you want broccoli or cauliflower for dinner?” is easy because either is fine with me. It gives him a little decision making power that I think he’s craving at this age.

Bananas and blueberries are the menu selections of choice these days and since he can’t live on bananas and blueberries we had to work with it. I love that he has an opinion and has his favorites, it’s just part of his little personality growing.

We were eating dinner at my in laws and my sister in law says “so what is Evan eating today?” as I announced that he was eating broccoli and blueberries the reaction was funny. Now, my sister in law has just had a baby so she has all of this fun ahead of her, and I laughed as I explained why he was having such a strange combination to her.

When you find something they like that has huge nutritional benefit you really milk it for all it’s worth. He loves blueberries and broccoli!


I use the Beaba BabyCook food maker so all I do is cut up as much broccoli that will fit in the colander, add blueberries in the spaces, probably only 10-15 of them, fill the water up to the #3 mark and presto. I blend to desired consistency and we’re ready for dinner.

Hectic Dinner Out

In Daily schedule, Eating Out, Food on May 24, 2011 at 10:37 pm

So today was particularly hectic, my husband thought it would be nice to surprise me with a mid-week dinner out. Well as we all know with kids it takes a little more planning but I was excited for the no clean up aspect of this offer. So in the time it takes me to drive home my husband had to get fully prepared for dinner out. Toys, food, snacks, sippy cup, you know the drill.

He did it!

Carrabbas was pretty empty when we got there, have you ever been on a Tuesday night? Well before we arrived it was a quite place that people were enjoying dinner. Evan is learning what he can do with his vocal cords. Whenever my husband and I are talking he wants to join in. So we are “shhhhhh-ing” him a lot these days. It was fun however and not overly distracting for the other people around us.

From there we headed over to Evan’s great grandma’s house for dessert. Evan’s great aunt Linda was there too and we had a great time. Evan had a snack and played on the floor in the kitchen while we ate dessert and chatted. It’s so great that Memaw (Evan’s great grandma) lives so close, he just loves her to bits.

Before you know it we had passed bath time and had to rush out of there, home, quick bath, milk and bed for little Evan. This left me enough time to research printers for Evan’s first birthday bash invitations, get the invitations resized by the designer that created them (found her on Etsy and she’s great!) and now invitations are ordered and signs are in the works. Oh and did I mention that I worked all day today, a little over 9 1/2 hours to be exact!?

Need to start the planning for tomorrow… another day to see Evan’s smiling face, boy is he a happy boy in the mornings. Looking forward to that first cuddle of the day.

My 10 month old is eating real food, now what?

In Cooking, Food on May 24, 2011 at 1:14 am
So Evan is a great eater. We started him off at about 6 months and we’re working our way through the produce department. Now, up until I got pregnant I ate “domestic” fruits and veg but I made a decision that, within reason, I’d venture into the organic section. I’ve tried the regular Publix by my house and their options are very limited. I have tried The Fresh Market and I wasn’t overly happy either. So I’ve settled on Whole Foods. They have a really great selection and there are several items on sale each week. The Publix Greenwise was also an option because there’s a new one (well fairly new) close to my work. But still Whole Foods wins. I go on my lunch break and stock up, it’s a nice break in the day and a way for me to connect with Evan even when I’m not with him.
So now that I’ve told you about my shopping habits how about cooking? Well a friend of mine just had her second baby about 5 months ago, when I told her that I had been making Evan’s food the first thing she asked was “when do you do it?” Great question, Saturday mornings. I stock up when I go to the store and I make lots of it on the weekends. I vary the recipes so Evan doesn’t get bored (more on those later) and just make enough for the week in the freezer. I feel so great knowing that although I’m not around to feed him breakfast and lunch I can still be a part of it since I made the meal.

Baby is asleep now the work begins

In Daily schedule, Food, Nursing on May 23, 2011 at 10:10 pm

Evan goes to bed at 8:30 pm and as any mum know’s that’s when we kick into gear. My husband is a huge help! After bath time I nurse Evan and he goes in his bed. He does love his bed and has always been a great sleeper. While I’m enjoying quite time with my baby, my wonderful husband cleans up after dinner. We have started leaving the dishes until Evan goes to sleep since we have so little time when we get home from work. He’s so great that by the time I’ve fed Evan and got him to sleep he is usually done with cleaning the kitchen. I know, he’s a keeper.

So then starts the rest of the cleaning up, toys away, laundry away, bottles and pump sterilizing for the morning, lunch prep, coffee prep, shower and bed. And that’s the basics, we all know there’s always more to do. Like right now, I could really do with running the vacuum around but it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

It’s amazing how much sleep I don’t get any more! I am so tired all the time that I’m surprised that I function as well as I do. I have to say that seeing Evan’s smiling face when I get home really helps. He is so happy to see me it gives me all the energy I need to get down on the floor and play for 2 hours.

I have a lot of help at my house but I’m still surprised at how efficient I can be. A trait that every mum should have of course but I think we underestimate ourselves sometimes.

So with the laundry waiting to be put away and food in the Beaba, love this thing, waiting to be mixed and frozen I’m logging off for the night and will get back on it tomorrow.

From Nursing to Solids

In Food, Nursing on May 23, 2011 at 9:30 pm

When Evan started eating “real” food at 6 months we started off with the basics. Rice Cereal, Earths Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal, was the first thing we tried. We gave it to him on a Saturday morning for breakfast. Then Sunday morning and then waited 3 days to make sure he didn’t get stopped up or anything. Once we knew everything was OK in that department we switched to every day. But as a working mum I wanted to be involved, this was a huge step since he’s been soley breastfed since birth (more on that later). Since I work he of course gets a bottle but still my milk because I pump at work (more on that later too). So we started with Dinner. The three of us ate together every night and we still do, it’sgreat. But then I had to let go and add in a second meal. It went better than expected. He loves his food and now has breakfast, lunch and dinner. And I’m only around for dinner but we make it fun, he helps in the kitchen by hanging out with me and snacking on his Happy Baby Organic Puffs.

He’s now on a great schedule that consists of milk at 6:30 am, breakfast of Oatmeal, Earths Best Organic Oatmeal mixed with the fruit that I’ve made for the week (around 8 am), milk around 10:30. Lunch is something savory mixed with Oatmeal (noon-ish), followed by another bottle of milk around 3 pm before I get home for dinner (another savory dish with oatmeal). The last treat of the day is milk from mummy before bed at 8:30 pm. It’s a full day of yummy treats. We have snacks in there too of course, Yo Baby Yogurts are a fav right now, Banana is his favorite. Although he hasn’t turned anything down yet.