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Easter… customized for me!

In Craft: How To on April 18, 2014 at 4:20 pm

I’m hosting Easter Sunday brunch at my house so as any host, I want it to be perfect. And very customized. I went to the fabric store on my lunch break Tuesday and found a great fabric that was only $6.99 per yard with 60% off! It was a steal. So I now have 2 table runners for the kitchen and dining room to tie them all together.

An easy trick that my husband’s Aunt taught me was to use starch, the stuff that you would buy if you ironed your own dress shirts. It’s the perfect way to fold the edges of the fabric and keep everything uniform without having to use pins. Once the ironing and starching is complete, a quick run around with the sewing machine and they’re complete!

So much cheaper and less to store (than huge table cloths for my dining room table) that I’m now making them for every occasion.

Try it out next time you want a custom look to your party and you’ll be very proud of yourself!


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