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Should I bribe my kids?

In Learning, Recommendations on April 17, 2014 at 4:16 pm

Recently a friend shared that she was having trouble getting her son to take medicine and turned to her social media family for help. It was funny to me when I read all of the suggestions from her friends. My first response that always works in my house was…bribery. Withholding something that my son wants works 100% of the time in my house. When he needed medicine when he was smaller we would say “As soon as you take your medicine, you can have more blueberries” and he would take it right away. We were lucky that he’d do pretty much anything for blueberries!


Later that day I saw a post saying that after trying every other suggestion, she tried withholding a Happy Meal and it worked like a charm.


Very happy to share some tricks I’ve learned from being a mummy of 2 awesome kids. They teach me every day too, more to come on that!


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