One Mum's Story

Mum Guilt for Missing a Milestone

In Daily schedule, Learning, Recommendations on April 12, 2013 at 4:32 pm

Today marks the first day my Beautiful Baby Girl rolled over for the first time. My phone vibrated and it was the message saying it just happened and to turn on the camera (Foscam). I called home right away and logged in to the camera to see my big girl rolling over and she of course wouldn’t do an encore.

This is where being away from your kids sucks the big one!

But as I’m crying and smiling in pride, I have to remind myself that this could have just as easily happened when I was at Publix or in the bathroom! Just because I am at work, it doesn’t mean I will miss out. This is the first time of course, and I’m beating myself up a little for not seeing it firsthand, but truly the second, third, fourth, etc., are all just as exciting. Back to being proud mummy that my baby is growing up and achieving such great things 🙂

So chin up working mums!


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