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Picky Eaters

In Cooking, Food on January 9, 2012 at 12:56 pm

Evan is a great everything, sleeper, eater, traveler, you name it! But lately as we close in on 18 months he has been voicing his opinion about what he will or will not eat for dinner. I try to offer him choices, both choices are Mummy approved anyway so either way I do get to win the battle. For example, choice like, “do you want broccoli or cauliflower for dinner?” is easy because either is fine with me. It gives him a little decision making power that I think he’s craving at this age.

Bananas and blueberries are the menu selections of choice these days and since he can’t live on bananas and blueberries we had to work with it. I love that he has an opinion and has his favorites, it’s just part of his little personality growing.

We were eating dinner at my in laws and my sister in law says “so what is Evan eating today?” as I announced that he was eating broccoli and blueberries the reaction was funny. Now, my sister in law has just had a baby so she has all of this fun ahead of her, and I laughed as I explained why he was having such a strange combination to her.

When you find something they like that has huge nutritional benefit you really milk it for all it’s worth. He loves blueberries and broccoli!


I use the Beaba BabyCook food maker so all I do is cut up as much broccoli that will fit in the colander, add blueberries in the spaces, probably only 10-15 of them, fill the water up to the #3 mark and presto. I blend to desired consistency and we’re ready for dinner.


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