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Halloween Gift for Grandparents

In Activities on September 27, 2011 at 12:46 pm

So I found this great idea online to create an upside down footprint of my son and add some “eyes” to the heel and you have your very own ghost!

Ted and I started this craft this weekend with Evan and had a great time. Check out the pictures below. Here are the steps we took to create:

Step 1:

Spray paint, with flat black spray paint, your canvas. We chose an 11×14 so we’d have enough room for both feet and a Halloween message.

Step 2:

Once the canvas was dry we used foam plates to put a thin layer of white paint (water soluble), this was the perfect size for Evan to put his foot in. We carefully guided his first foot on to each of the four canvases; then the second foot. He didn’t like the feel of the paint in between his toes but we had fun with it. He certainly liked the foot bath to wash off the paint!

Step 3:

Mummy painted on the cute Halloween message, 3 with “Happy Halloween Love, Evan” and one for us that said “Esteves Halloween, 2011”. I used a thin brush and the same white paint. When i was painting the words i tried to keep the brush light and make squiggly letters to make it scary 🙂

Step 4:

Using a black permanent marker, draw eyes on the heel of each foot. Add black ribbon with white polka dots to the top corners and you’re ready to wrap. We chose brown paper and black twine to wrap these for each of the grandparents and Memaw (Evan’s great grandma).

Spray Paint Canvas 

White Paint
Little Footprints
Add Halloween Message
Halloween Signs
Finished Halloween Canvas

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