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My 10 month old is eating real food, now what?

In Cooking, Food on May 24, 2011 at 1:14 am
So Evan is a great eater. We started him off at about 6 months and we’re working our way through the produce department. Now, up until I got pregnant I ate “domestic” fruits and veg but I made a decision that, within reason, I’d venture into the organic section. I’ve tried the regular Publix by my house and their options are very limited. I have tried The Fresh Market and I wasn’t overly happy either. So I’ve settled on Whole Foods. They have a really great selection and there are several items on sale each week. The Publix Greenwise was also an option because there’s a new one (well fairly new) close to my work. But still Whole Foods wins. I go on my lunch break and stock up, it’s a nice break in the day and a way for me to connect with Evan even when I’m not with him.
So now that I’ve told you about my shopping habits how about cooking? Well a friend of mine just had her second baby about 5 months ago, when I told her that I had been making Evan’s food the first thing she asked was “when do you do it?” Great question, Saturday mornings. I stock up when I go to the store and I make lots of it on the weekends. I vary the recipes so Evan doesn’t get bored (more on those later) and just make enough for the week in the freezer. I feel so great knowing that although I’m not around to feed him breakfast and lunch I can still be a part of it since I made the meal.

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