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Hectic Dinner Out

In Daily schedule, Eating Out, Food on May 24, 2011 at 10:37 pm

So today was particularly hectic, my husband thought it would be nice to surprise me with a mid-week dinner out. Well as we all know with kids it takes a little more planning but I was excited for the no clean up aspect of this offer. So in the time it takes me to drive home my husband had to get fully prepared for dinner out. Toys, food, snacks, sippy cup, you know the drill.

He did it!

Carrabbas was pretty empty when we got there, have you ever been on a Tuesday night? Well before we arrived it was a quite place that people were enjoying dinner. Evan is learning what he can do with his vocal cords. Whenever my husband and I are talking he wants to join in. So we are “shhhhhh-ing” him a lot these days. It was fun however and not overly distracting for the other people around us.

From there we headed over to Evan’s great grandma’s house for dessert. Evan’s great aunt Linda was there too and we had a great time. Evan had a snack and played on the floor in the kitchen while we ate dessert and chatted. It’s so great that Memaw (Evan’s great grandma) lives so close, he just loves her to bits.

Before you know it we had passed bath time and had to rush out of there, home, quick bath, milk and bed for little Evan. This left me enough time to research printers for Evan’s first birthday bash invitations, get the invitations resized by the designer that created them (found her on Etsy and she’s great!) and now invitations are ordered and signs are in the works. Oh and did I mention that I worked all day today, a little over 9 1/2 hours to be exact!?

Need to start the planning for tomorrow… another day to see Evan’s smiling face, boy is he a happy boy in the mornings. Looking forward to that first cuddle of the day.


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